Group Lesson 1: $60 per month
Private Lesson 1: $70 3 private lessons and 1 group in month
Private Lesson 2: $80 4 private lessons in 1 month
$35.00 Yearly Registration Fee

Thursday, May 12, 2016


FRIDAY MAY 13TH  4-8pm  RECITAL, PIANO GALLERY.  A CELEBRATION of song paying tribute to the Centennial year of the NATIONAL PARKS!
MAY 16-18  GROUP LESSONS....PARTY/TESTING/AWARDS  End of Spring Semester.

SUMMER LESSONS BEGIN May31/June 1 Private Tuesday, group Wednesday
Group Lessons: JUNE 1, 8 and 22   JULY 20, 27  PARTY AUGUST ?  Working on AUGUST schedule!
HYMN BOOT CAMP....Come anytime on these dates....45 minute lessons. 4 students each session.
Following times for Group Lessons:
Pre-Piano  1-2:00pm
1st year 4:00-5:00pm
2nd year 5:00-6:00pm
3rd year  2:00-3:00pm
4th year  3:00-4:00pm
5th-Teen  Hymn Boot Camp  Anytime from 1-6pm on the dates listed above.
Cost $100 per child....
TUESDAY  Private lesson times....call for appointment.  $18.00 1/2 hour lesson.

Monday, April 4, 2016


Parents and Students,
I will be gone the April 18th and 19th and morning of the 20th to run the Boston Marathon.  I have already made up private lessons, but will have group lessons this week as well.  Jayni, Michelle and Nikalle, will head up the group lessons for 2nd and Teen class Tuesday afternoon, and then I will be back to teach the rest.  A reminder for 1st year students....I will be conducting a graduation celebration for my Kindermusik class from 4-5pm on Wednesday.  Group lessons will be from 5-6pm this day.  I would have it earlier, but my flight doesn't get in until 1pm and then I have to set up the celebration and group class.  Jot the times and dates down to the right so you will be at the correct group class.  THANKS!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

SPRING BREAK for Ms. Susan

I will be going with my grandchildren to Disneyland on Feb. 29th through March 4th.
There will be no lessons this week.  Lessons will resume Monday the 7th...

Friday, February 5, 2016

While The Weather Outside is Cold....

many hours can be logged on the piano, where it's nice and warm!  Just some reminders....
Teens Service Project will be on February 23rd.  Meet at my house at 4:20pm. Recital is on May 13th which is a Friday...Don't worry you can Handel it!....As long as you keep working hard!

Monday, January 4, 2016


OVERWHELMED in setting new year goals....Let's keep it simple...Practice every day!
Set a goal each practice day and be specific....1 line perfect, 1 line H.S., a full page with a steady beat met=100, flashcards... 20 in l minutes, practice all scales, arms and cadences with curved tips...The goals are endless, but remember to keep it simple and specific...Interesting enough as being a senior missionary President Yaggi wants us as missionaries to set goals in these areas:  Spiritual, Intellectual, Musical, Physical and Social.  He call them SIMPS...It was interesting to me he included MUSIC...His entire family is very musical!  I thought that these goals  interestingly enough are all provided in group lessons. I can include much more in a group lesson because I have more time...  I love group lessons and know the importance of working and playing together to achieve one common goal.  Group lessons helps students to aspire higher...Synergy comes from a group working together!

January 18th, no lessons....Group lessons this week!...Monday is a holiday, group for Monday will be on Thursday.  Please mark on Calendar.

February 15th, no lessons...Group lessons this week!  Same as above!

NO LESSONS February 29th-March 3  I will be out of town.

March 21st...Group lesson week.  EASTER week.

April 18th, no lessons...Group lessons this week!  Monday will be on Thursday again.

RECITAL:  May 13th...A CELEBRATION OF NATIONAL PARKS commemorating their 40 year anniversary.  Time 4-8pm...I know it's Friday the 13th, but bring it on!  This will be a fun recital

Teens will have a Valentine/Performance Party.  Dates and times will be posted later....Probably the 2nd week in February....A celebration of Duets!

Happy New Year!

Monday, November 23, 2015

Christmas Fun!


Check out the group lessons on the right.  Each child has a Christmas piece to perform at their last group lesson of the semester.  Please help them practice for the performance.
Lessons will resume the week of January 4th.
I will be counting beads to give away $10 gift cards at the December group lesson.  Students need 65 beads to get a card.  There will be many gift cards given for incredible practicing....We will start the beads/punches all over again at the first of the year.  The next semester has more one more weeks, so 85 beads will be required to win another card.  This is a great incentive...Hope to see more win a card!  Theme for May Recital....A Celebration of National Parks in honor of their 40th birthday!

Monday, November 2, 2015


What an incredible recital we had on Saturday....It was Creepy, Crawly, Hairy and very Scary!!!
Thank you students for all your hard work!  It was amazing!  Group lessons are next week....Be prepared to play your ensembles, and check out our Clavier Composer of the Month!